Special notice: COVID-19 and the Waterways Garden Center

Special Notice. We ask that all our customers take note of the social distancing instructions issued by the government whilst in the shop. If we could keep browsing to a minimum in order to allow us to stay safe that would be great.

Card payments options are available if people would prefer at this time.

Now offering a delivery Service. This will be for customers who are unable to get out due to various constraints such as self isolation. This service is for customers who live within a 5 mile radius of the shop. (MIMIMUM SPEND £10). £5 per delivery.  Further distance prices to be agreed when ordering. Simply call us on 01978 660289 to place your order. Once done we will pack it and arrange a delivery slot with you.

The goods will need to be paid for over the phone prior to them being delivered. We won’t be accepting cash on delivery unless its a last resort.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult and uncertain time. The management and staff  at Waterways Garden Centre all wish our customers well and to be safe.  BACK TO HOME PAGE