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Fireworks at Waterways garden Centre

Fireworks at the waterways Garden Center


Waterways has been selling fireworks since 1980. Our range has been building year after year. Now we are becoming one of the most diverse and interesting selections on sale in the UK. We specialize in small displays right up to big public displays. You can be sure we have the fire-works you want for every occasion.

One of the biggest Firework selections

We have one of the largest and most comprehensive selections in the country. We are also permitted to sell fireworks all year round with our special license. 1.4 KG and 1.3 KG fire works on sale direct to the public.

For Special Occasions

Don’t forget fireworks for New Year’s Eve, Special Celebrations, Parties, Birthdays &  Bonfire Night. We have available 1000’s of rockets and large multi shots to make your New Year’s celebration party go with a bang. You can also see specials on our waterway Facebook page HERE

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Firework Rockets

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