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Aquatics and Reptiles Pet Shop

Aquatics and Reptiles Pet Shop


Tropical fish 

Our Aquatic pet shop business has been supplying our customers since 1979 We have a large variety of Aquatic goods for aquariums and ponds. Our aquarium stock comprises of Tanks and aquariums, stands, Fish foods, rocks, gravels, Heaters and Thermostats, Comprehensive lighting systems, backgrounds, ornaments, artificial plants silk, and plastic, medications and cures, air pumps, and a vast selection of other accessories too large to list. We have a large selling area for indoor tropical fish, housed in our new purpose made aquariums Fresh plants for aquariums are usually always in stock with lots of varieties.

Cold water fish.

Our Aquatic and Reptile Pet Shop has a selection of Ponds and a large range of Coldwater fish in season April to August. Are outdoor pond plant section has fresh marginal plants, floating plants, Oxygenating plants, lilies and deep marginal plants for sale. The range of stock available for building and maintaining Ponds is huge and comprises of pre-formed ponds, plastic liners, butyl rubber liners, pumps, outdoor fish foods, a large variety of cures and help products to maintain the balance of your pond. All this and expert advice if you need it just ask one of our trained and helpful staff, we employ people who can answer your problems.

Reptile shop

The aquatic and reptile pet shop center has recently been upgraded with all new vivarium’s and has a diverse selection of live animals. A variety of lizards, snakes, chameleons etc are usually in stock. We specialize in providing everything you need to keep these unusual animals. Our staff are trained to deal with your questions and have extensive knowledge on keeping exotic pets at home, so they are very capable people able to help you from a start up to a more established vivarium. You will be pleased with the range of accessories we have on offer with lots of lines to enhance your vivarium and expand you hobby.

Tortoises and Turtle’s

In the Aquatics and Reptiles pet shop areas we usually have a good range of tortoises and turtle’s species should you want to invest in these animals as your hobby.

Aquatic and Reptile Pet Shop

You are welcome to contact us regarding current species in stock. You can also check our Aquatic/Reptile Facebook page HERE. While your here you might want to have a look at our other areas Garden Centre, Direct imports our NEW online shop and our Fireworks page

Selection of Products from our Aquatic Pet Shop

Selection of Products from our Reptile Pet Shop

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