Rainbow eggcups Pastel


Rainbow eggcup Pastel x 2

Rainbow eggcups Pastel x 2 WID Home and Garden Hand Painted Egg cup. Rainbow stripped Ceramic (Pastel colored). Hand Painted in Thailand and sold as a set x 2

  • This amazing design is made in Thailand by Artisan workers. Each egg cup is unique because it’s painted by hand. This exclusive Pastel Rainbow design gives a new meaning to Rainbow pottery and a different color to other rainbow styles.
  • This DECORATIVE stylishly egg cup is a must for your collection especially for entertaining those special guests. This Beautifully hand and stylishly shaped jug is FULLY DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE. Make a statement in your home with this distinct color and design and leave the bland behind
  • Choose this decorative egg cup in a set of 2 for your collection or to stand alone to your existing kitchenware. You can purchase other ceramic items in this pastel color by visiting our store front WID Home and Garden
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS. Each egg cup is 5cm Diameter x 6cm High and supplied in a set x 2
  • WID Home and Garden IS THE OFFICIAL SELLER OF THIS EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT. WID Home and Garden is a registered trademark
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Rainbow eggcup Pastel x 2

Rainbow eggcup Pastel x 2 . These Rainbow eggcup Pastel x 2 are ideal for your home because of their unique design

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