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Waterways Garden Centre encompasses 4 acres. We have all your indoor and outdoor garden needs. The internal shopping area has a vast range of seeds, fertilizers and garden tools. Hundreds of pots, decorations, potting mixes and plants on display. Let our friendly staff help you with your shopping. READ MORE


Waterways Garden Centre Aquatic and Reptile home image

Our Aquatic and Reptile Centre area has a full range of cold and tropical fish, aquarium supplies and food. Knowledgeable staff are on hand in both the fish and reptiles areas. Turtles, Snakes, Lizards and Chameleons area available in our all new Aquatic and Reptile area, food and accessories also available.  READ MORE


Waterways garden centre fireworks

We all love a good firework display. Our huge range of firework options has what you need for any display needs, home or show. With the best competitive prices and a large stock range at our location. Our staff are as always on hand for any questions you may have.  You can visit our FIREWORKS page by clicking the link.

Direct imports

Waterway Garden Centre Online Shop

We would like to welcome you to our new Waterways Garden Centre online store. These import items are directly imported by us and we have a quality control manager on location to ensure you get the best of the products we hold. We have extensive knowledge of the items we sell and by importing directly also have the best prices. You can see samples of our product lines below, if you would like to view the full range please visit our all new online store HERE

A selection of our large range of fireworks

Our all new exclusive tableware in Rainbow and Pastel