3 Fold Yoga Mat


3 Fold Yoga Mat

Traditionally designed yoga, meditation or decor mats. Authentic designs hand-made by Thai artisans.

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3 Fold Yoga Mat

These are Traditionally designed yoga, meditation or decor mats.  With authentic designs hand-made by Thai artisans we import these products which are quality controlled by us in Thailand. They are imported directly to Waterways garden Centre.

  • Thai cushions are particularly well suited for relaxing: Whether when watching TV, reading, lying down on, or for yoga and sports.
  •  Thai cushions are filled with pure and untreated kapok!
  • Due to the unique kapok filling, our cushions are also suitable for outdoor areas. Create your wellness island in the garden, on the balcony, or when camping!

3 Fold Yoga Mat  Traditional Thai fabric various colours Eco-Friendly Organic and Natural, Kapok

The classic relaxation directly from Thailand: The perfect companion for yoga, meditation and for relaxed sitting! Our yoga block pillow is ideally suited  because it becomes a practical companion for your yoga lesson. In addition to their practical added value they provide a healthy sitting position. Our colorful pillows beautify every room in your home.

The product is a 100% natural organic item with a sustainable filling. Kapok Latin name Ceiba pentandra is a tropical tree of the order Malvales and the family Malvaceae. Also native to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, northern South America, and to tropical west Africa. A somewhat smaller variety is found throughout southern Asia and the East Indies. The product is hand made in the Northern most part of Thailand. Perfected because we use skilled artisan traders . They specialize in double hand stitching for a stable and durable product.

3 Fold Yoga Mat Portable fitness product.

You can take this item anywhere as it is lightweight and can be used in many ways. All our cushions pillows and mattresses are usable indoors or out. These products can be used for lots of relaxing things. Examples, your favorite places like Garden trips or picnics in the Gym or simply in the comfort of your own home.

The soft but firm filling is fantastic for massage, yoga or just chilling out. We have a style for you as there are many variations visit our store front to see the range of products and colours.

Kapok is a light firm supportive product with hypoallergenic properties, safe to use almost anywhere. The filling of our products with 100% organic filling andcotton lining also provides an insulating effect and avoid cold from the ground coming through the product.



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Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm

Burgundy, Black, Red, Olive, Light Blue, Dark Blue


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